About QTCE

We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as a senior and proffessional contracting firm based in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, founded in the year 1970 by Mr. Musallam Ahmed Hamela Al Mazroui (Chairman), and professionally managed by Mr. Hamed Musallam Al Mazroui (General Manager), along with Engr. Issa Atieh Al Issa as the Executive Manager and the back bone of the company's development and success.

Qumra Transport & General Contracting Est. is classified to carry out building contracting, with the concentration of our works being mainly in the construction of residential and commercial buildings.

Qumra Transport & General Contracting Est. believes in a philosophy of quality control and carries out rigorous checks on materials and workmanship to the latest international standards available to ensure that the client receives the best possible product for his investment. Effective management and control of large scale projects are essential for both the client and contractor since the demands of the construction industry in today's fast changing and moving environment require this; based on that we utilize the following:

  • Our multi-national staff body exceeds 2000 fully qualified personnel trained in all aspects of the latest contracting techniques from accounting to full execution of works.

  • We have a full complement of plant, machinery and tools which enable to carry out all types of projects in the most effecient manner.

  • We implement the lates construction management techniques by making use of the very best computer applications, scheduled programs of work and material implementation charts are prepared in detail and every stage of construction work is monitored and supervised by experienced engineers fully conversant in the methods of project management and control.

  • The construction value of projects executed by Qumra Transport & Gen. Cont. Est has well exceeded 2 Billion UAE Dirhams which shows our ability and experience acquired over rigorous years of striving and hardwork in a very competitive market where there is no place for second best.

  • We strive to provide our well esteemed clients with a comprehensive service in the most cost and time effecient manner possible.

  • Therefore... for a construction that is Qumra...
    There is only one Qumra Construction.

    Quality Policy

    Our goal is to complete our projects on time with high quality assurance by:

  • Quality team work.
  • Usage of best quality of construction material.
  • Following up our jobs and safety requirements.





    Qumra Transport & General Contracting Est.

    is committed to building excellence through partnership with our clients, consultants and the government by adhering to the highest quality and safety standards, delivering our projects on time and within budget. Our success has its roots in policies to invest continuously in innovation, technology, equipment and technical enhancement. We are dedicated to empowering our employees to provide them with rewarding careers and ensuring their growth. We are devoted to their safety, health, job security and family welfare.


    Qumra Transport & General Contracting Est.

    aims to be recognized as a leading and specialized contracting company delivering premium quality services and projects unparelleled in the industry.


  • Integrity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Building partnerships
  • Ethical and professional constructional services
  • Sustained efforts to enhance customer value and quality construction